At Parker Ford, we urge you to check out all of the amazing options that we have available to you. When it comes to finding the model that you love, we are the right place to turn. We have a truly amazing selection of resources, and we are always working to better ensure that you have everything you need. With that being said, we welcome the nearby Murray, Hardin, Hazel, and Mayfield, KY areas to give us a call or better yet stop on by. We truly can’t wait to work with you!

Buying New Makes Sense

When it comes to buying a model, we are totally proud to be able to offer up with an exciting selection of vehicles. We get you access to the latest and greatest models, and do everything we can to ensure your success. When you buy a new vehicle, you will be getting something that you can trust, and a vehicle that has never been used or abused before. This means that things will last longer, and you won’t be in for any unexpected surprises. Finally, buying new means that you can rely on an impressive warranty, and consider a leasing option.

New Models Available

We have plenty in the way of exciting new models for you to check out. With our new inventory, we are always adding more and more vehicles to the mix. Be sure to check out options such as the Ford F-150, the Ford Explorer, the Ford Fusion and many others.

At Parker Ford, we are totally excited to be able to help you make the best decisions. We welcome you to stop by today with any questions or concerns, or to simply find out more about the awesome selection of new models that we have.

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